The story so far...

Aerialand was born 10 years ago when Valentina gathered a group of Circus performers and opened an Aerial Arts Academy, with the aim to create a hub for performing artists, aerialists, acrobats and dancers to meet and engage in artistic creation, movement research and expression and performance development

Soon we became a performing company collaborating with different industries offering both corporate and private events and shows in theatres, tv productions, music videos, and fashion shows.

The amount of work called for the development of an artist management and production agency specialising in Aerial Dance and Circus Performances, as well as Artistic Production and Event Management.

Our clients include names as Stella McCartney, London Zoo, The Glass Cathedral, Babylon Riders and many other celebrities who would prefer not to be named. 

The rest is history…

Valentina Candiani is the driving force behind Aerialand.

With a background in Circus Arts as an aerialist, hand balancing and acro-balance contortionist with Ernesto Belley – trainer of the Moscow State Circus, she has been performing worldwide with acrobatic dance and physical theatre companies.

After many years of experimenting with physical movement and theatrical material, she started developing innovative techniques to merge different disciplines and create avant-gard choreographies.

She founded her own company teaming up with some of the best performers in the UK, giving physical theatre and circus cabaret a new face. 

She has produced and directed many shows and events in the UK and Europe.

Valentina is also a Costume and Set Designer and Artist’s Stylist, with experience in Theatre, Film and High End TV.

She has an amazing eye for scouting emerging talent and guide their artistic development.

She has helped many artists find their own voice and mentor them towards new opportunities and performing careers. 

Hear it from Valentina herself:

I’ve always been a crowds gatherer.

Since I was a child I would throw parties in the basement, invite my school friends, play my older sisters singles and make everyone dance! 

Having a rather unconventional nature, of course I did that  “join the circus” thing, literally – in a time when circus was not a trend.

But… we need to grow up, and after a due course of study in design followed by a sad attempt to pursue a corporate career (sooo… booring!), I decided to steer the wheel.

I’ve been a socialite, a party thrower, a yoga teacher. I organised retreats, opened an aerial yoga studio, founded a yoga teacher training, created a performing company, opened an aerial arts academy, produced and curated shows, events, worked in film and television as costume and set designer, wrote scripts…. I feed on new projects and challenges. My mind is a creative engine

And now, as a producer I realised what has been my mission all along:

Bring People Together – uplift their spirit with unforgettable multi-sensory experiences that awaken a sense of beauty through artistic expression, so they can let go of their limiting beliefs, understand that there’s much more to life, and perhaps they can have it too