Aerial Arts Academy

Our Formative School

Many of our performers took their first steps into the world of aerial dance and performance in our school


​Why Aerialand?

Whether you are an absolute beginner looking for a great way to get active whilst having fun and learning something extraordinary at the same time, or you are a professional artist wanting to enhance your skills and looking for an easily accessible space to train and develop your routine, or if you just need the support and experience of a teacher for artistic direction and mentoring, this is the place for you! Our adult programme is unbeatable!

Aerialand the perfect environment to try circus whether it is for the first time or to continue to train from a basic level to a professional level.




Aerial Circus KIDS CLUB

It’s the most exciting Youth Circus School in West London! Aerialand is proud to offer Circus skills training to the next generation of circus artists!

For children from 6 to 12 years.

Student's testimonials

Performer's testimonials

From a recent customer survey, we got 100% thumbs up and 100% will return!

Located in West London, 5 min from Hammersmith station, AERIALAND is a hidden treasure where you can come and learn from some of the best circus performers in town.

Aerialand is a Creative Space for the Performing Arts, Aerial and Circus classes, Rehearsals, Dance, Movement Research, Choreography, Event Production and Management

Aerialand was founded by a group of talented professional artists coming together from different backgrounds, motivated by the intent of teaching at the highest level.

Each artist brings their own unique approach to create incredible choreographies to support the artistic development of aerial and acrobatic performances.

Aerialand is a very eclectic place where you can find the activity that is right for your own particular interest.